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Vive is a forward thinking medical clinic with services and programs that fill one simple goal - to help you get better and stay better!

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A focus on health rather than disease

The best medical care gets you healthy and keeps you healthy. It integrates the idea of wellness into health care to keep you looking, feeling, and living your best for a long, long time!

At Vive, this is just what we do. Your treatment plan is individualized to you, focuses on achieving your goals, and supports you in maintaining your health.

Our plans are thorough and effective, but also achievable for you. Most importantly, we see results—your health is restored and maintained. See what people are saying about Vive and about Naturopathic Medicine.


The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Cosmetics

This is not the first and certainly will not be the last time that we discuss the dangers of commonplace cosmetics, skin creams and other body care products. 



Pain Treatment

Those suffering in pain often feel there are no more options available to really treat and stop it for good.

Our Pain Treatment Program is a uniquely effective program combining simple and advanced treatments to reverse chronic pain, treat injury, and return you to a pain free state.

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Cold and Flu Prevention

Prior to meeting Dr. Colin I didn't know anything about non-traditional methods for cold and flu prevention. For the past 3 years I have followed Dr. Colin's program, without traditional flu shots, and have found that my cold and flu symptoms...